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So, you want to link to Emo?

Personally, I'm happy that you like Emo enough to link to him. Emo, however, is being his usual dour self and "hates links." Of course, he's just a rock what could he possibly know about the internet?

Here are some images you can use to link to Emo. They're small because Emo is small. If he were Really Big, then they would be too:

Not good on purple backgrounds:

For any color background:


Not Animated:

Please do not directly link to these images. Download the image to your computer and then upload it to your website. Thanks!å



Googlism: Emo
Emo's choices:
• "Emo is a four letter word"
• "Emo is important to the new minister"
• "Emo is responsible for maintaining the Manitoba emergency plan" —God, I hope not!
• "Emo is device-independent and Emo works on any WAP"
• "Emo is for wankers"
• "Emo is a check drawn against your Emo account at Emocorp"

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