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Who — or what — is Emo?
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Who — or what — is Emo?

I sure hope that you didn't get to this page in search of Emo music because, well, you're not going to find anything about that here.

Emo is a pet rock. Whether that makes him a who or a what... well, I'm not certain. I am certain, however, that he is an Angry pet rock.

In case, you're wondering, he is named after the Emo genre of rock music. I'll leave my "social commentary" — or lack thereof — up to the viewer. Let's just say that some friends and I view Emo (music) as sort of an in-joke. Emo (the pet rock) kinda grew out of that, in a way.

—And, by the way, Emo didn't get a gift from you on his birthday. He's very upset about that. He's pretty sensitive for a pet rock...

Emo's Stats:
  • Star Sign: Emo doesn't like labels.
  • Birthdate: What do you care? You won't buy him a present...
  • Hobbies: Skulking, Grousing, Being Angry
  • Likes: ...
  • Dislikes: Just about everything, it seems.
  • Dream: To be big — Really Big.

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