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To download an icon to your computer:
Hold down the CRTL key and click on the icon. Then, choose the option to save the image.
Right-click on the icon. Then, choose the option to save the image.
11/2007 woodcut owl woodcut owl 2 ballet fairy hamster ballet fairy hamster 2 brown owl Bruno the black bear Bruno the black bear 2 green fez Jumbo the elephant Leo the lion Leo the lion 2 brown woodcut owl brown woodcut owl 2 crescent moon dark owl grey owl with moon two brown owls purple owl purple owl 2 question mark Who? sheep face ram  ram 2
12/2005 strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry and cream strawberry and cream coffee cup peppermint
10/2005 blue cat face blue cat face blue cat head blue cat meow blue girl blue girl face green-haired girl green-haired girl face green-haired girl head chicken head chicken butt kylin eye kylin eyes kylin face kylin head gold star on grey mod red deer head mod red deer tree tree
7/2005 dumpling sushi white flowers violets easter egg - peach easter egg - gold easter egg - green easter egg - pink easter egg - lavender easter egg - spotted easter egg - heart easter egg - odango easter egg - strawberry easter egg - aqua
6/2005 B*tch bubble Angry Emo Emo in the grass b&w Emo Emo the Angry Pet Rock (logo) Emo, king of the world No Love Skull Skull on purple
11/2004 Blookat Butterfairy Catt Chum Cozmahop Emily Emily Euie Firefly Katja Mogbo Leafbud Sororia Sphinx-girl Shoujo Toys Star Tobin
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